Today I fed my son.


I read a post today from that made me feel as guilt as hell- but it was just what I needed!

It was a blog for parent bloggers, said that we need to get our priorities straight and make sure blogging about being a parent doesn’t get in the way of parenting. So true!

This was a real eye opener for me, as I realized (with an enormous feeling of guilt) that lately I have become very guilty of sharing my time with my son with my constant need to check my blog- be it to post a blog, check my blog stats or find new blogs to follow. I won’t even mention my Twitter and Facebook addictions…

So this morning I took the brave and scary step of turning off all my alert notifications for my blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts- I even put my phone on silent (I know- ground breaking stuff!). And then I fed my son…

No checking my phone constantly for updates or messages, or even turning the t.v. on- instead 100% of my attention was focused on every mouthful of porridge, and I can say that we both had a blast! As per usual, Tom had fun spreading porridge all over his face, hands and top- this is something that would usually frustrate me, but today I laughed along with him as he had the joy of trying to take over the spoon and discover what the sticky stuff was on his fingers. I can honestly say that I think he was surprised and delighted to have my full attention for a change- which kinda made me feel worse…

So I’m making the commitment now, with you as my witness to be fully present when I am with my son from now on. And in case you’re wondering how I’m writing this blog considering my new resolution- don’t worry- Tom’s having his morning nap at the moment! Promise… 🙂




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