Happiness is in the details


Hello There,

While striving to achieve those ‘big tick’ items in life to create your happiness such as a partner, house and kids- don’t forget that happiness is also found in the small details that most people miss.

Having a heartfelt chat with your partner, snuggles with your child, noticing how their face lights up when they see you.

If you start to notice the great number of those happy little details in your life- I know you’ll find it very hard to be unhappy!

Have a happy day,



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  1. That is absolutely true, we tend to lose ourselves in these negative, repetitive thoughts and forget all the great stuff happening around us. I find that when you ask yourself more powerful questions we also tend to become happier again because we force our mind to focus on the little things again. I recently wrote an article about it, you can check it out here: http://wp.me/p3FOEd-b8. Maybe there are some nuggets in it for you too! All the best and have a good day!

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