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No Motivation ?


Hi Mums,

Finding it hard to think of exercising when you’re days are already exhausting? Fair enough, I can certainly relate!

If this sounds like you, why not make exercise fun by trying one or both of these options-

– find a friend or three who would also love to improve their health and fitness. You can not only encourage eachother to make exercise a habit, but also catch up at the same time; sounds like fun- doesn’t it?!

– make exercise part of your play time with your kids. Take them swimming, go to the park for a long walk or to play a ball game, put on some silly music and dance around the lounge room together. You’ll both get the benefit of exercise while enjoying some quality time together- perfect!

How do you integrate exercise into your busy Mum schedule? I’d love to hear from you!

Have a Happy Day,



20 Happy Mum Tips in 20 Days: Day 5.







I mentioned in the Happy Mums Recipe blog series that it is a fact that exercise and happiness are linked.

To recap, exercise increases the release of endorphins in your body, these hormones literally make you feel happy. So basically, you have your own happiness reserves on tap whenever you need a happiness boost!

The way to get the most out of exercise is of course to do it regularly. I know as a Mum, you may be hard-pressed for time to do formal exercise; so instead why not start by finding ways to implement some exercise into your daily activities. This can be as easy as walking to the shops or train station instead of driving, go swimming with the kids instead of taking them to the movies or doing some exercise such as sit-ups and squats while you watch your favorite TV show.

Another happy side effect of exercise is that it makes you fitter, improved fitness leads to an improved sense of wellbeing and gives a boost to your energy levels, this sounds like a great way to improve your happiness levels- doesn’t it?!


Have a Happy Day,


20 Happy Mum Tips in 20 Days: Day 4.






Many Mums complain to me that they never seem to find the time to do the more time consuming (and painful!) chores on their housework lists like- cleaning the oven, washing the floor, cleaning the windows, cleaning the curtains or even just ironing ALL those clothes…

So why not treat yourself to getting some housecleaning done for those ‘big ticket items’ that you never seem (or want) to get around to doing? Even if you can’t afford to get a regular cleaning service, it is possible to book someone to come in as a ‘one off’ every now and then.

It’s amazing what a positive effect a sparklingly clean house (that you had no part in contributing to!) can have to a Mums happiness levels!


Have a Happy Day,


Quick Self Massage for Big Relief


Hi There,

Many Mums may find they just don’t have time to go and get a massage.

If you fall into this category- never fear- I’ve got a fantastic alternative for you that’s quick, effective and free!

It’s a video that shows you how to give yourself a de-stress massage which only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

I’ve tried it and can highly recommend it!

Have a Happy Day,


20 Happy Mum Tips in 20 Days: Day 3.





This suggestion made the top 3 tips, and with good reason- every Mum needs some proper pampering every now and then- especially if you’re aiming to be a happy one!

A massage is a great way to melt away your tension, give you a chance to ‘mentally regroup’ and have some much needed quiet time.

So what are you waiting for? Take a quick look at your calendar to find a suitable day and then book in that massage!


Have a Happy Day,


20 Happy Mum Tips in 20 Days: Day 2.







There are dishes to be done, clothes to be washed, floors to be vacuumed- but not today!

Today is family fun day- you can chose whatever activity you want (it’s a democracy so voting may be necessary!)- lunch at your favorite café, going to the zoo or the beach, or even ordering in a pizza (replace with your family’s favorite food as appropriate!) and having a movie marathon all piled on the couch together.

The possibilities are endless! The most important thing about today is that you make sure that you all have fun! Anything and everything else can wait until tomorrow!

WARNING- Make sure you pick a day to do this activity in which you can definitely clear the calendar of any responsibilities or commitments. Turning off your phone is also highly recommended!

Have a Happy Day,


20 Happy Mum Tips in 20 Days: Day 1.


Glass Half Full


Dear Happy Mums,

As a society, we tend to view things with a ‘glass half empty’ kind of attitude; focusing on what we feel we don’t have and are missing out on.

If this sounds like you, I can tell you that it is a MAJOR obstacle in your road to happiness.

There will always be negative things that can drag you down. But it’s such a waste of your life to focus solely on them when all the wonderful things that you possess are sitting there- plain as day- waiting for you to appreciate them so that they can make you feel happy!

So what is your happy stuff? Take a couple of minutes today to make a mental note of all the great things that are in your life and let a feeling of gratitude overwhelm you for each and every one!

WARNING- Doing this exercise may put a smile on your face and cause a little bubble of happiness to resonate in your heart. 🙂

Have a Happy Day,