How to make a Happy Mum. The Recipe: Life Balance.


One of the best ways to ensure you’re happiness also tends to be one of the hardest things to attain. It’s called life balance.

Although as a Mum you’re doing your very best everyday to care and provide for your loved ones, it’s important to remember that you don’t move to superhero status when you become a Mum. What I mean by this is that you still have all the needs of every other human being on the planet. You need to feel loved, secure, fulfilled and you need a regular dose of ‘me time’ to pursue your own interests.

So right up there with the importance of having regular ‘date nights’ is the need to make sure you have at least one regular timeslot that’s just for you. Be it going to the gym, having lunch with a friend or just curling up with a good book on your own for a few while- ‘me time’ is very important. Mums who are given the opportunity to take these little breaks from the responsibilities and business of life feel much more fulfilled and content with their lives and so find they have the energy to give the best of themselves when they are with their families.

If you find that the idea of scheduling in some ‘me time’ makes you feel a bit guilty, I have a concept that will help. Think of it this way, investing in your wellbeing means you are better able to invest in your family’s wellbeing. After all, you can’t get very far in a car with a flat battery- so how can you expect to keep firing on all thrusters without a little recharge of your own every now and then? See, it makes perfect sense when you look at it that way!

You may actually be surprised to find that your partner is very happy to oblige as they are delighted to have the opportunity to get some one-on-one bonding time with your child/children without you hovering in the background telling them they are doing just about everything wrong (ok, so this may not apply to you- I’m thinking about what I tend to do to my poor partner at times!).

You guessed it; I’m going to get you to book that ‘me time’ in now. Go on, you know you want to!

And if you find that you’re partners response to your request for ‘me time’ is to tell you he needs ‘me time’ as well, that’s okay and fair enough- but he can have his time booked in for sometime after you’ve had your first ‘me timeslot’!


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    • Thank you, I’m glad you liked it- it’s part of a weekly post in doing on Happy Mums so you might want to check out the others as well! Take care, Nicole.

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