Happy (& Excited!) Mum: Date Night


Hi There,

So how have you been finding the recipe instructions for being a Happy Mum so far?

Have you been able to implement all or any of the ingredients that may have been lacking beforehand into your life?

I’m glad to say that I’m practicing what I preach this weekend as hubby and I are going on a date night! Yippee!!

I have to remember what it’s like to walk in heels as I’m going to ‘pretty up’ for the occasion- very exciting.


My Date Night To-Do-List:

1. Babysitter (my sister) booked

2. House cleaned (well, I can’t leave my sister to sit in a messy house now can I? Okay, I’ll admit it- I’m a neat freak!!)

3. My son’s dinner to be made, extra feeds to be stored for ‘just in case’

4. Instructions for bedtime ritual to be explained

5. Legs shaved, eyebrows plucked, hair straightened, makeup applied, best post-baby belly disguising dress selected

6. Tell my sister (at least one more time) that she can call me at anytime if she has a question

7. Oops, now we’re late- time to run…


Have a happy day,



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