20 Happy Mum Tips in 20 Days: Day 4.






Many Mums complain to me that they never seem to find the time to do the more time consuming (and painful!) chores on their housework lists like- cleaning the oven, washing the floor, cleaning the windows, cleaning the curtains or even just ironing ALL those clothes…

So why not treat yourself to getting some housecleaning done for those ‘big ticket items’ that you never seem (or want) to get around to doing? Even if you can’t afford to get a regular cleaning service, it is possible to book someone to come in as a ‘one off’ every now and then.

It’s amazing what a positive effect a sparklingly clean house (that you had no part in contributing to!) can have to a Mums happiness levels!


Have a Happy Day,



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    • Hi Britt,

      Wow, that’s great value for a spotless house- definitely worth the money to have such a treat every now and then!

      Take care,

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