20 Happy Mum Tips in 20 Days: Day 5.







I mentioned in the Happy Mums Recipe blog series that it is a fact that exercise and happiness are linked.

To recap, exercise increases the release of endorphins in your body, these hormones literally make you feel happy. So basically, you have your own happiness reserves on tap whenever you need a happiness boost!

The way to get the most out of exercise is of course to do it regularly. I know as a Mum, you may be hard-pressed for time to do formal exercise; so instead why not start by finding ways to implement some exercise into your daily activities. This can be as easy as walking to the shops or train station instead of driving, go swimming with the kids instead of taking them to the movies or doing some exercise such as sit-ups and squats while you watch your favorite TV show.

Another happy side effect of exercise is that it makes you fitter, improved fitness leads to an improved sense of wellbeing and gives a boost to your energy levels, this sounds like a great way to improve your happiness levels- doesn’t it?!


Have a Happy Day,



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