Happy Mum Tips in 20 Days: Day 18




Now don’t get me wrong- being a mum is one of the most important jobs in the world!

What I’m referring to here is not to put so much pressure on yourself at always getting it right- that you forget to enjoy the ride!

No one is born an expert Mum- we all learn ‘on the job’. So it’s natural to assume that there will be many trial and errors along the way. The only thing that counts is that you love your kids with every fiber of your being and are doing your best for them.

Besides, being a perfect mum sounds a little boring- where’s the fun if you don’t stuff up and so have no opportunities to laugh at yourself?!

Take Care,



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  1. I love all your tips! They are realistic and honest and I can really relate as a mom of an 8 month old daughter and 2.5 year old daughter. In the middle of a messy sell/move/build we are often on our own and I definitely feel the pressure! Thanks for knowing how it is.

    • Hi Cherrycoke2013,

      It’s great to hear from you, I’m so happy to hear that you’ve enjoyed my tips- it has been great fun writing them and it’s so nice to know other Mums can relate to them as well!

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