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20 Happy Mum Tips in 20 Days: Review.



Congratulations, you now have the complete list of little tips that you can implement into your life.

My suggestion would be to try and achieve at least one of these tips every week, that way you have 20 weeks of activities to invest in for your future happiness.

And as added artillery in your pursuit of a happy life, you can follow the ‘How to Make A Happy Mum: The Recipe” series on my blog as well.


I’d love to hear how you found my tips series! We’re they helpful?

I’d also love to know your experience and hurdles you’ve come across in your journey towards being (and staying!) a Happy Mum.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Have a Happy Day,



Happy Mums Tips in 20 Days: Day 20




My last tip in this series is probably the most important one!

It’s where I get to remind you that being a Mum is both the toughest and most rewarding things you’ll ever do- so be kind to yourself if you don’t always get it right!

You’re best is good enough, trust your instincts, take good advice as appropriate and above all keep loving your family (and yourself) to bits!

If you have those things covered, the rest will follow…

Have a Happy Day,


Happy Mum Tips in 20 Days: Day 11.




Sunshine, good food, great company, an opportunity to relax, fresh air- what is there about a family picnic that wouldn’t make you happy?!

It’s also a great way to spend some fun leisure time with your family without busting the bank.

If you have older kids, why not get everyone involved with the planning and preparing for the picnic? They can help chose the location and games for the day.

You could also get them to help you making sandwiches, salads, sweets etc… It might take longer to prepare- but will definitely be more fun and appreciated by all if it’s a group effort!

WARNING: Make sure you have a Plan B venue in case of unexpected bad weather (can you tell that I live in Melbourne??).

Have a Happy Day,


While we’re on the topic…



While we’re on the topic of appreciation today, it’s important to make sure the person mostly likely to be receiving the least amount of appreciation in your life- you- does today.

Whether they show it or not, your family appreciate you, all your love and hard work in looking after them.

How do I know that? Well that’s an easy one to answer!

I know they appreciate you because thanks to you they are feel loved and secure, are fed, clothed and nurtured- all things that they could not live without.

This is why I can confidently assure you that you are very much appreciated be it consciously or even just subconsciously by your family.

So well done Mum- you’re doing a great job!!

Have a Happy Day,


20 Happy Mum Tips in 20 Days: Day 2.







There are dishes to be done, clothes to be washed, floors to be vacuumed- but not today!

Today is family fun day- you can chose whatever activity you want (it’s a democracy so voting may be necessary!)- lunch at your favorite café, going to the zoo or the beach, or even ordering in a pizza (replace with your family’s favorite food as appropriate!) and having a movie marathon all piled on the couch together.

The possibilities are endless! The most important thing about today is that you make sure that you all have fun! Anything and everything else can wait until tomorrow!

WARNING- Make sure you pick a day to do this activity in which you can definitely clear the calendar of any responsibilities or commitments. Turning off your phone is also highly recommended!

Have a Happy Day,


How to make a Happy Mum The Recipe: Love and Relationships.


Social catch ups are a must have

Part 2.

Your Friends.


Before having a baby you probably had a good, healthy array of friends that you considered were an important part of your life- and you there’s. However, when you have a baby it’s common to find that you see a lot less or completely lose contact with a certain proportion of your friends. This can be for many reasons; they were your drinking/bar going buddies and so you don’t have much in common with them anymore, you’ve moved to the suburbs so it’s harder to organise a catch up or the more obvious one- your main focus now is your kids and that keeps you fully occupied most days!

If any or all of these examples apply to you, then there’s a number of ways you can look at this situation and address it or merely observe it for what it is- depending on how you feel about that friendship.

The first point to make is that real friends will not drop off the radar for any reason, in my experience the demands of life may mean you see less of them for a time- but you’ll both continue to make catch ups happen, even if they’re not as frequent or in the form that they used to be.

Your friendships- especially the close ones, can continue to be the rewarding and important sources of support and care for you that they have always been- it’s just going to take a little more effort to maintain them.

The thing that worked really well for me was to have a reminder in my phone calendar to catch up with friends at different times every month or two. If I was having a particularly crazy time of it when the reminder went off, I’d just give them a call for a quick catch up or at the very least send through an SMS letting them know I was thinking about them and asking how they were going. But whenever I could, I would try and organise a face-to-face catch up.

Particularly, if your friend/s have kids of their own, Play Dates can become a great way to catch up with them that is beneficial for you both and your children. But even if they don’t have kids, you’ll probably find they are very eager to see your little one’s anyway!

As with the relationship you have with your partner, it is fantastic if you can organise a catch up with friends when it’s just adults every now and then- this may be as little as twice a year. For similar reasons as the need for a date night- having this kind of catch up with your friends will give you the space to really reinvest in your friendship with a good catch up.

It may be as simple as delegating your partner to babysitting duties so you can have a girls’ night out. Of course, this should work both ways- with your partner being given the opportunity to do the same thing every once in a while.

While we’re on the topic and I’ve now convinced you of how important it is to maintain your friendships, why not strike while the iron’s hot and enter in a couple of reminders into your phone to contact your friends in the near future?

Extended Family.

The most likely scenario here is that you’ll end up seeing a whole lot more of your family, because they naturally will want to support you and are so excited about the new addition to your family.

Personally speaking, I didn’t appreciate my parents or siblings as much as I did after having my son. The support, dedication and tireless love they have given to me and my family has been invaluable. Particularly because I was quite unwell for a few months after our son was born – I honestly can’t think how my husband and I would have kept up with it all without our family’s love and support.

So don’t be afraid to ask for help when and if you do feel overwhelmed. After all, we weren’t meant to do it on our own- we should naturally be offered and seek support from our family.

How have the dimensions of your relationship with friends and family changed since having kids? Do you feel like you’re still getting the support and social network that you want and need? Feel free to post me a comment- I’d love to hear from you!

Have a happy day!