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Hey Mums- You’re Best IS Good enough!




Happy Mum Tips in 20 Days: Day 15.




A happy mum has the confidence to know when she’s in over her head.

Women who become Mums do not get handed superhero abilities when their children are born and so it’s perfectly okay to need a little help at times when you feel you’re getting overwhelmed. No one is going to think any less of you as a person or a Mother.

The help can come in many different forms- grandma taking the kids for a few hours, your partner doing the grocery shopping on his way home from work, being giving the morning off from breakfast duties so that you can sleep in…

You may not feel that you need physical help, as you it may be a need for an ear and some empathy in your case. That’s where you’re friends come in- they’ll be great at letting you diffuse some tension and get things off your chest.

It is very true that a burden shared is halved.

Have a Happy Day,


Happy Mum Tips in 20 Days: Day 14




As the Mum in your household, no doubt you are the chief if not sole cleaner as well!

Therefore, it’s understandable that you feel like you’re constantly fighting against a tidal wave of mess.

While teaching your kids (and partner) to clean up after themselves, it’s also a fun activity to relax the rules a little on the odd occasion and enjoy making a mess as a family.

It might be something like allowing your kids to pull out every single toy they own, or dismantling their bedroom during play. I know this idea is probably increasing your stress levels- but the point is to take the breaks off for a little bit and relax with you family.

WARNING: Obtain everyone’s promise to assist with the cleaning up afterwards is essential for this exercise to result in increased happiness levels!

Have a Happy Day,


What Will Your Children Inherit?



Hi There,

I was thinking today about the parts of my personality that I hope not to pass on to my son.

Do you ever worry about your children picking up the less desirable parts of your personality? Like insecurity, bad temper etc

I wondered how I might combat this problem and decided the best thing to do was to aim for my son to mostly be surrounded by my strengths and hardly even acquainted with my weaknesses.

Basically, my hope is that when he grows up- my strengthens will be his weaknesses and his strengthens will be so much more than I can possibly imagine…

Have a Happy Day,


Happy Mum Tips in 20 Days: Day 13




Being a Mum is one of the most wonderful and fulfilling jobs in the word- albeit the hardest and biggest one you’ll ever have as well!

In order to be a Happy Mum, it’s vital to remember that there is more to you than being a mum alone. Becoming a Mum does not mean putting to rest your desires, dreams and aspirations- it just may mean a little tweeking and more patience on your part.

So what dreams would you like to achieve and how can you go about achieving them in your life?

Even before you attain our dreams, you’ll find a certain sense of happiness in even just pursuing them.

Have a Happy Day,


You DESERVE to be Happy



Happiness isn’t just for the lucky few, the truth is that we can all be happy!

The only catch is that like anything worth having, you need to put some work into being happy.

Start by focusing on the good things you have in your life, practice feeling really happy that they are in your life everyday.

Once you’ve got a handle on being happy with the great things you already have, it’s time to look at the parts of your life that you’re not happy with at the moment.

From here all you need to do is figure out how you can start to work towards changing these things into more sources of happiness in your life.

So what parts of your life make you happy? What obstacles to happiness can you see in your life?

Have a Happy Day,


Happy Mum Tips in 20 Days: Day 11.




Sunshine, good food, great company, an opportunity to relax, fresh air- what is there about a family picnic that wouldn’t make you happy?!

It’s also a great way to spend some fun leisure time with your family without busting the bank.

If you have older kids, why not get everyone involved with the planning and preparing for the picnic? They can help chose the location and games for the day.

You could also get them to help you making sandwiches, salads, sweets etc… It might take longer to prepare- but will definitely be more fun and appreciated by all if it’s a group effort!

WARNING: Make sure you have a Plan B venue in case of unexpected bad weather (can you tell that I live in Melbourne??).

Have a Happy Day,