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While we’re on the topic…



While we’re on the topic of appreciation today, it’s important to make sure the person mostly likely to be receiving the least amount of appreciation in your life- you- does today.

Whether they show it or not, your family appreciate you, all your love and hard work in looking after them.

How do I know that? Well that’s an easy one to answer!

I know they appreciate you because thanks to you they are feel loved and secure, are fed, clothed and nurtured- all things that they could not live without.

This is why I can confidently assure you that you are very much appreciated be it consciously or even just subconsciously by your family.

So well done Mum- you’re doing a great job!!

Have a Happy Day,



Happy Mum Tips in 20 Days: Day 9




The best kind of appreciation is for things that we do tireless every day without much acknowledgement. For example, it absolutely makes my day when my husband makes a big deal about how lovely a meal is that I’ve made cooked. It’s a job I do every day, so when it is appreciated and not taken for granted- it definitely feels worth it!

Nothing is more rewarding to the giver than the expression of some genuine, heartfelt appreciation to someone else- it doesn’t hurt the recipient either! Besides, when you take the time to appreciate someone, don’t be surprised if they dish some appreciation right back at you.

WARNING: Appreciating the people you love in your life and the great things they do has increased happiness as a side effect.

Have a Happy Day,


Happy Mum Tips in 20 Days: Day 7.




Yep, it’s time for another ‘no responsibility’ day- I love these, and you will too!

Being a Mum is a very busy job! So it’s very easy to become very serious and goal orientated with your children; teaching them to crawl, walk, talk, pee, feed themselves, take a bath, do their homework- I could go on, but you get the point! And this is all while maintaining the house, doing the shopping, and/or going to work.

Every now and then it’s a great idea to put aside some time to just be silly with your kids- guaranteed fun will follow for all participants!

The best way to be silly and have fun with your kids is by letting them guide you as to what the activity will be. It could be playing dress ups, singing songs, dancing, finger painting, rolling around on the carpet for cuddles and giggles.

What’s your child/children’s favorite fun thing to do?

WARNING: Engaging in silliness is extremely fun and you may find it slightly addictive…

Have a Happy Day,


20 Happy Mum Tips in 20 Days: Day 6.



You remember those things don’t you? They’re lots of pages of paper bound together that tell you a story.

Whether you were a prolific reader before kids or not, reading is a great way to have some snippets of much needed ‘me time’ added to your day.

Why not make a list of books you’ve been meaning to read and get started sometime this week? Even if it’s just 20 minutes before you hit the pillow, it will give your mind the opportunity to disconnect from your busy day and so help you to sleep better.

Have a Happy Day,


No Motivation ?


Hi Mums,

Finding it hard to think of exercising when you’re days are already exhausting? Fair enough, I can certainly relate!

If this sounds like you, why not make exercise fun by trying one or both of these options-

– find a friend or three who would also love to improve their health and fitness. You can not only encourage eachother to make exercise a habit, but also catch up at the same time; sounds like fun- doesn’t it?!

– make exercise part of your play time with your kids. Take them swimming, go to the park for a long walk or to play a ball game, put on some silly music and dance around the lounge room together. You’ll both get the benefit of exercise while enjoying some quality time together- perfect!

How do you integrate exercise into your busy Mum schedule? I’d love to hear from you!

Have a Happy Day,


20 Happy Mum Tips in 20 Days: Day 5.







I mentioned in the Happy Mums Recipe blog series that it is a fact that exercise and happiness are linked.

To recap, exercise increases the release of endorphins in your body, these hormones literally make you feel happy. So basically, you have your own happiness reserves on tap whenever you need a happiness boost!

The way to get the most out of exercise is of course to do it regularly. I know as a Mum, you may be hard-pressed for time to do formal exercise; so instead why not start by finding ways to implement some exercise into your daily activities. This can be as easy as walking to the shops or train station instead of driving, go swimming with the kids instead of taking them to the movies or doing some exercise such as sit-ups and squats while you watch your favorite TV show.

Another happy side effect of exercise is that it makes you fitter, improved fitness leads to an improved sense of wellbeing and gives a boost to your energy levels, this sounds like a great way to improve your happiness levels- doesn’t it?!


Have a Happy Day,